• Status: Needs Home
  • Gender: Male
  • Fur colour: Black and white
  • Fur length: Short
  • Age(When Added): 4 – 5 years
  • Neutered/Spayed: Yes
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Access to outdoors
  • Can live with children: Older children
  • Can live with dogs: Unknown
  • Can live with other cats: Unknown


Please contact us if you are interested in offering Rurie his forever home.

Handsome Rurie,  then an unneutered and very whiffy male, came into our care in mid-July, having been wandering the streets for some time. He’s quite obviously a cat used to domesticity so why he found himself alone on the streets is unknown, but the chances are he was cast out when he got past the cute baby stage and it was time for him to be neutered. Well Rurie isn’t whiffy any more, not even a little bit, as he’s had his Big Boy operation. He’s also been microchipped and fully vaccinated and all he wants now is to find a home with a kind person or people who will treat him like a member of the family and give him the love and care he missed out on when every day was just about surviving.

Rurie shares our shelters with our other little inmates, his own pen open now he’s settled so they can socialise and not become too bored. I’ve noticed he doesn’t mind at all if some of the others want to wander into his pen (especially Gracie! But then she’s a very pretty girl) but will tell them where to go if it’s dinner time and he thinks they may want some of his food. That’s understandable, as living on the streets is all about getting by and any food found had to be eaten fast or lost to someone else. When he first came to us Rorie was worried and would try to make himself ‘invisible’, not knowing if we meant him any harm, but now I’m subjected to big head bumps and body rubs. We don’t know how he would be living with children or dogs but can say that he doesn’t seem in the least bit concerned when he sees our own dog wander around the garden. As for living with other cats, my impression is that Rurie has a fairly dominant personality (he puts cheeky Harley in his place, but doesn’t actually hurt him) so any other cat would have to be quite laid back and happy to let Rurie take the lead. A home that would allow him access to the outdoors would be wonderful for Rurie.