• Status: Needs Home
  • Gender: Female
  • Fur colour: Grey and white
  • Fur length: Long
  • Age(When Added): Unknown, but young adult
  • Neutered/Spayed: Yes
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Access to outdoors
  • Can live with children: Older children
  • Can live with dogs: Unknown
  • Can live with other cats: Yes


Please contact us if you are interested in offering Mary her forever home.


Well, this lovely girl really does have a story to tell! She first came to our attention in August 2016 when I was told she was living in back courts with her two young kittens. I set about trapping all three, the most sure way of ensuring all were brought into care as the kittens would never have been handled. Unfortunately, though, another rescue trapped the kittens and as no-one was there to take them away immediately, Mary was seen by neighbours frantically trying to release her kittens over a period of several hours. The result of this was that it took me a full seven weeks of very late nights and early morning to get Mary into a trap as she had become extremely wary of anything at all unusual in her surroundings.

Mary has now been in our care since September 2016. It’s been obvious right from the start that this was a domestic cat left to fend for herself and who had, quite understandably, become fearful of humans as so many in her position are. Her foster carers have worked so hard to gain Mary’s trust and she has shown herself to be happy in a household – another clue to her domestic beginning. It took time to gain her trust, but Mary now lies along the back ofher foster carers’ sofa and takes treats from their hands. She also gets on fine with the foster carers’ own cats so could be homed either with other cats who accept her or by herself. Nevertheless, she needs to build more confidence in  people and anyone offering her a home would have to be willing and happy to give this girl the space and time she needs to be able to relax in human company again. Over the years, many ‘Mary’s’ have come our way and have found absolutely wonderful homes with people who understand why they are shy and wary. It works so well when the people are right for the job and don’t expect instant results. When that trust does come, though, it is incredibly rewarding. Once very well settled, Mary would really enjoy being allowed access to outdoors. Like all our adult cats, Mary is spayed and is also fully vaccinated and microchipped.