• Status: Needs Home
  • Gender: Female
  • Fur colour: Tortoiseshell
  • Fur length: Short
  • Age(When Added): Unknown -young cat
  • Neutered/Spayed: Yes
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Access to outdoors
  • Can live with children: Yes
  • Can live with dogs: Unknown – suspect yes
  • Can live with other cats: Unknown – suspect yes


Please contact us if you are interested in offering Julie her forever home.

Julie’s story isn’t unusual in its sadness nor is the predicament she was left to face by her unworthy people. Abandoned to the street either before or after becoming pregnant, she gave birth to three kittens under a pile of wood in a garden. When her kittens would be about a week or so old, they were accidentally disturbed by the owner of the garden, with Julie running off in fright. Her three babies may well have died that night had a neighbour not taken them into the house and fed them with a dropper. They were put back into their little nest the next day in the hope their mother would return to them. Julie did return, unseen, and grabbed one of the kittens, the only ginger one, but before she could remove the other two they were taken away by the SSPCA. Mother and one kitten were now missing. A month later, a tiny ginger kitten, no more than five weeks old, was found in a driveway in that same area completely soaked through. He had obviously been caught in what had been extremely heavy, constant, rain the day before and had somehow become separated from his mother. The photograph taken of him at the time was just heartbreaking. This kitten was handed in to a vet that night and I collected him the next morning when the vet reopened. I named him Joe.

It soon became clear that Joe was unwell and he suffered terrible seizures over a period of nine days. There was nothing our vet could do, as Joe was so young, other than offer medication to help calm the seizures. It was all too much for his tiny body, though, and Joe died peacefully in my arms early in the morning on October 2nd. Before he left us, I made Joe a promise and that was that I would find his mother and make sure she never suffered like this again. It took the distribution of hundreds of flyers through doors, looking for a cat I had no description of, and four weeks before Joe’s mum was caught. I knew for sure this was her as one of the people who’d received a flyer had actually seen her with Joe about five days before Joe was found alone and soaked through. I decided to name her Julie, after the lady who successfully caught her in a trap I had left unset for her to get used to be getting fed inside. It had been my hope that Joe’s mum would turn out to have been used to being handled at some point and, thankfully, that is the case. Right from the start, Julie has let me pet and groom her. She had her spaying op today (November 20th), her first set of vaccinations and was microchipped when still under anaesthetic. The vet nurse decribed Julie as ‘adorable’ when I went to pick her up. Julie will have her second set of vaccinations on December 11th and will then be ready to find her Forever home. We don’t home between the 15th of December and January the 5th, to avoid the possibility of cats or kittens being given as festive presents as well as all the other excitement associated with that period. Could YOU be the family or person to help Julie forget all the misery of being abandoned, her struggle to keep her babies safe and the confusion and pain she must have suffered when she lost every one of them?