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CAT 1977’s policy is to help feral cats by limiting their numbers through neutering and returning to site, by providing veterinary care where necessary, and by finding homes for cats and kittens and tame stray cats. The charity is totally against killing for expediency.

Our Mission

Neutering and helping feral cats

Feral cats are the descendants of lost or abandoned domestic cats. Because they have not been handled by humans as kittens – and because many have been given no reason to trust humans – they can grow up to be very wary of people. They are therefore difficult to handle, and specialised humane trapping equipment is needed to trap and restrain them without injury to the cat, the trapper, or the vet.

Cats are extremely efficient reproducers. A single abandoned female can result in a large group of feral cats (colony) within a year or two. Colonies are found in many locations, such as parks, hospital grounds, factory premises and the gardens of private homes. Uncared for and allowed to breed unchecked, the life of a feral cat is short, miserable and full of suffering.

We are happy to help to trap and neuter feral colonies, and to socialise and rehome kittens. However, we very much appreciate financial support in these situations – neutering one female cat costs around £60. For more information on feral cats, click here.


Cat Action Trust 1977 Ayrshire branch rehomes rescued, abandoned and unwanted cats and kittens. It is our firm belief that the right home will be found for every single cat and kitten and we never kill for expediency. Our homing policy is strict; all potential homes are visited to ensure that the right people are found for the right cat. To see the cats who are currently looking for new, loving homes, click here.

Reducing suffering

All colonies have one thing in common – this suffering is a result of human abandonment and cruelty. Animals do not choose to be abandoned. Our ancestors domesticated this species – it is now our responsibility to ensure that we fulfill our duty of care to them.


CAT 1977 also helps to educate the public and other animal welfare organisations about the humane control and care of the feral cat population through its website, newsletters and leaflets.